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Well, a guy has to make a living while writing all these stories and I’ve translated my love of story into telling organizational stories–in order to engage people in causes they care about.  I’ve been doing it for more than twenty-five years.  Need help with yours?

Room B is a real alternative to business as usual.

Do you do something remarkable and you want the word to get out?  Room B can help.

You want to engage people so they get excited and buy from you or support you, right?

You could hire a marketing/pr/development professional to work for you in an office down the hall—you might call that Room A.  I used to be that guy for different and very wonderful organizations—but I think it’s possible and often better—to coach, support and help you and your staff make things happen, because then you have power.

You’re the hero, after all.  Maybe you just need a little help saving the day.

That’s where Room B comes in.

Maybe you’ve tried doing the marketing and messaging work yourself because no one knows your business better than you.  But sometimes you’re snuggled up so close to your work it means that you say things like “at the end of the day, we’d like to utilize the ROI …” snore, bore, confuse.

If you’re up for working a little differently than business as usual, I have a proposition for you.  Contact me and we can meet face-to-face or virtually and you can tell me what you need and I’ll tell you about my approach and ways we might work together and make big things happen for you.

I’ll tell you just one thing about how it goes.  Every leader I work with will get their own BOSS (which stands for Book Of Super Smart and it’s a real, beautiful notebook ) with everything you need to run your promotions including messaging, processes and systems, well everything!

Contact me!

Is Room B right for you?

  • Looking to create strong, relevant content about your work and schedule its release–so you can trust that the right things go out at the right times?

  • Need help sharing that content with the right audiences (press, bloggers, influencers, advertisers) and making a big splash out there in the world?

  • How about help engaging your tribe with offers, events, interviews, tours and more?

  • Need help building, changing, enhancing your website, print materials, imagery, logos–any kind of materials–that tell your best story so people love and recognize you?

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