Success is made from a careful and always changing blend of wings, flying with ideas and creative energy, and rails, the structure to pull sh*t off.

Too much wings, nothing happens but a lot of flying around.  Too much rails, big boring check-off lists and nothing that matters deeply to you.

Here is how I attempt to keep the wings and rails in balance:

  1. Set up a system, or way you do things (you don’t have to be a notebook and pen fanatic, like me, but it certainly keeps me motivated). This is where I both catch ideas, and make lists of things I need to do.  The Bullet Journal idea is a great system because it’s all your own doing.
  2. Create a template of a perfect day or week. I template a week.  Some days have blocks of time for creative project work, some days I batch a lot of task items that need to get done.  I find that batching things at dependable times, lets me think less about how I need to work and use the time for doing.
  3. Use early morning (or late night if you’re of that ilk) dark to let the wings flap and soar.
  4. Pull the ideas that come alive in the dark, into a place where they can be actionized later. Review this regularly.  Action is where dreams get done.
  5. Journal about it, be grateful, thank the flight awakenings, and then get to work.

You can go back and forth between wings and rails all day.  When you carefully balance you have enough system under your wings to arrive at a remarkable destination—that you imagined and made happen.