These days, these days, everyone’s talking.  Some of it is magnificent, some of it is trickery and created to confuse or misinform.

It is a time where the skill for idea and fact discernment and alignment has never been so important as people, even nations are trying to mislead you.

[insert outrage]

So this: put your money where your mouth is.  In other words: let’s act on our talk.

When the pandemic, civil unrest, flagrant political utterings started really ramping up—for me the first week in June as I watched my city of Minneapolis, and Minnesota Transitions Charter School where I work, get destroyed following the horrific murder of George Floyd—I understood something was being asked of me.  Of us all.  To put our money where our mouths were.  To align action with proclaimed ideas.

People online who didn’t mention the unrest in our nation, who didn’t seem to support Black Lives Matter, equity and fairness—I stopped following.  Easy to do.

And the beautiful flip side gift, was finding new voices.

Especially Penzey’s.

Penzey’s has always been my preferred spice company. In pandemic days, getting it meant ordering online instead of visiting the store down the road and all its amazing smells.  I subscribed to the email list with my order and thus began my deeper love affair with Penzey’s.

Bill at Penzey’s writes heartfelt articles delivered to my inbox.  I gobble them up.  He talks of voting, equity, equality.  In your spice order right now will be victory pins, voting stickers and messages of love.

One post referenced a customer he’d lost because of his openly political stand. Bill didn’t care. He stood for something bigger with his life than selling a jar of spices, something like acting on your dreams and principles.

Every day I find more ways to align my values with my choices and my actions.  If I discover avoidance, lies, silence where action should be—I make new choices.

I load Penzey’s spices into everything I make.  Cajun, Ozark, Singapore, Chipotle …!  I evangelize on their behalf—daily.  They are doing good in this world.  I believe in them.

When we put our money where our mouths are, we can literally transform the flavor of our food with Penzy’s, and change our world with action.


* Momento:  “You own the life you live.”

*   Yes, I do know that Momento is really the Latin word, Memento. But Momento is my word, coined for its life in a moment, and for that moment’s ability to impact forever, which can be your gift to the world.