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Jenny Buck has been writing stories her whole life and now she is ready to share them.  A guy named Earl is going to launch her voice.  Earl is the protagonist in her debuting novel Blind Approach Ahead.  He had a lot to teach her about loss, transformation and belief.  He might have something interesting for you, too.

“Of all the possible questions, why is the most interesting to me.”

The whole story … real fast

Right now Jenny Buck is sending out her finished novel for adults, Blind Approach Ahead, to a few agents and publishers.  Meanwhile she is working on a young adult novel and a series of books for children that are all about creativity, imagination and letting the world show you a thing or two.

Jenny Buck’s work has centered around communications for causes she believes in, her entire professional life.  Right now she is working with a large Charter school district to offer students individualized education and loves that this work makes a real difference in the life of young people.

Jenny Buck grew up in small town Iowa, suburbs of Chicago, Des Moines, Iowa, went to school and studied philosophy and political science at Creighton University, moved to Washington DC to help influence things she believes in, met her husband at O’Hare Airport and together raised two beautiful sons in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  An artist to the bone – she quilts, cooks, draws, hosts Fakesgiving for friends, photographs skies, drives her VW convertible with the top-down year-round, and has a weakness for fountain pens, travelers’ notebooks and spectacular purses.

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