Blind Approach Ahead.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s around that bend …

A retired grain elevator operator named Earl lives on Normal Street in Woodbine, Iowa.  Earl is a simple everyman.   Left by his wife of forty-three years, with no children, lost, and nothing to live for, he unwittingly begins a hero’s journey.  Gradually he begins to experience everything anew.  Birds, nature, people, all of it comes alive.  Words, in particular, have new profound significance.  Earl is haunted by the question: is your life worth your life?  Fall in love with Earl and witness his gradual metamorphosis, with its twists and turns.

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You, Me & a little Mystery.

You’re alive–so you have possibility in front of you right now–a moment, a choice.  Do you want more of the same?  Something new?  Something mind-blowing?

If living in a state of mystery and possibility appeals to you, then you might enjoy what I write about.  Words of wisdom from Earl, the protagonist in my coming-soon novel, Blind Approach Ahead with a lot to teach about loss, transformation and belief, or daily peeks at something fascinating over on Instagram, weekly exploration on the blog, or following the progress on one of my novels for young adults–I am dedicated to the mystery of everyday life, time, the creative process, and, well, just about anything.

We can make anything happen–in our lives, in our companies and organizations and in the work that matters most to us–and for me that’s telling a story.  As 67 year-old Earl Roger Sanford would say, “Well, I’ll be.”

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