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Everybody has a story

Everybody has a story

Why Story?

I have been obsessed with stories my whole life, from sneaking Nancy Drew Mysteries under the covers way past bedtime, to creating them for organizations since I graduated from college. Stories are my life.

Stories offer a powerful way to a truth—something we can imagine and remember.

If you own or work for an organization, you know how important it is to be able to say what you are all about. This is your brand, and if you think of your brand like a great story you can tell, it makes it jump–people will connect to it.

Right here, we’re going to get jazzed about stories:

Organization stories and how to tell them effectively—just like telling an exciting mystery, there are principles of story telling that help create more compelling organizational messaging and stories.

I’ll share some of the work I’m doing with organization’s now
I’ll share resources with you

Personal stories, and how to share your ideas and your life.  I’ll share some of the personal projects I am working on:

My Novel
System for Time
Moments, the narrative of my Sons’ lives

I know you’ve got stories. Let’s share them.  Here’s how you can get started.