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Leave A Trace

“Leave no trace” an important line about hanging out in nature, or advice to a teenage boy about your expectation of him in a freshly cleaned bathroom, perhaps.  But you, me, the work we’re doing, we want to leave a trace.  

We want to make an IMPACT.

IMPACT is what good marketing is all about–something important happens.

I will help you create The BOSS: The Book of Super Smart.

This is your IMPACT plan.  We’ll work together and discover what you or your organization need to do to make the impact you are destined to make, and we’ll turn that into plan.  Questions, check-off lists, strategies, actions that take you and your work on the journey to the impact.

And if you are interested–I help a few clients a year, not only make their plan, but pull it off with things like:

Branding & Logo Work
Materials & Presentations
Websites & Blogs
Events & Activities

I’d love to talk to you about what you need.  Contact me right here, or read more about the services I offer.