A lost, 67 year-old man changes his life and his town (and this writer).

“Our lives are sweeping, moving, ticking things.  I have something I must share.  I am not here to lecture you.  Sometimes rules must be broken.  You have time on your hands, lucky you.  And a story.”

A retired Iowa man named Earl is devastated by the abrupt leaving of his wife of more than 43 years, but his anguish eventually leads to transformation with the help of his own belief, a motivational trainer, and unwitting accomplices in the small town of Woodbine, Iowa.

There was a clear moment when Earl knew; not that he could place it directly anymore, except to recall a certain shade of light that altered his view ever so slightly: he could choose.  To wake.  To become.  He inhaled and dared a life.  Turns out—it is a choice.  Turns out—any  moment can go this way or that and one, unremarkable moment on a plain, cold day, he chose that instead.  And that, my friend, changed everything.

And so it went.  A moment noticed, chosen with gusto.  Lived.  A dare to the universe that all is not lost and all is not found.  Blind Approach Ahead—simple acts done in sheer desperation, or perhaps hope, wrapped in an envelope, dropped anywhere can change everything.  It did.

Blind Approach Ahead is a story more than a decade in the making.  It began as a coffee shop conversation involving a motivational speaker and a lonely participant and continued into a small town–Woodbine, Iowa–the place of my family roots.  This story features a handful of small town characters and a mysterious voice.  The place is real and the story and all the characters and  are completely made up.

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