Blind Approach Ahead, all right.

I have always believed in a Blind Approach Ahead—I met my husband of 25 years at 7 a.m. in O’Hare airport, after all.  There are things roaring toward you and often you can’t see them coming at all.  Usually I feel game.

But sending your novel draft that you’ve been whispering to and hauling from the desk to the closet, then back again for a decade–out to a few agents to see if they are interested—nothing can quite prepare you for that Blind Approach Ahead.

Earl, the main character in my story, is ready for the world to hear his story. He’s been very patient for a long time and I am a sucker for patient people.  So, I am putting Earl’s story out there and it’s titled: Blind Approach Ahead, which you may have guessed by now.

Maybe you are a writer interested in putting a story out in the world, too?  I plan to talk about the process of all of that as I experience it, in real time.

Or maybe you just love to be part of strange adventures, or writing tools (don’t get me going on fountain pens and travelers’ notebooks), or rifts about time, love letters, and even young adult stories I am also writing.  There will be a number of categories, so you can follow what interests you.

I hope you’ll hang out with me here (you can subscribe right here and I’ll send you new posts).  I’m going around the bend right now—Blind Approach Ahead—here I come!