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Haven’t you found the world is more complicated than you can believe, and the more you try to get done, the farther away from actually getting it done, it seems you get?

You ‘re working away on your novel, or the press release for your company, or that big-ass project, or, or,

[insert real important goal of yours] and while you were working away on that, 50 new email slammed into your inbox, and half of them are important, and so it goes.  Things come in while you’re sleeping, working, accomplishing and you’re buried.

I swear, some days feel like I spend an hour just trying to find the thing I need – a file, an email, a request, was it a text, did I write my notes in a book, in a document?  Where is it?????

This world is complex.  And I don’t think it’s going to get any less complicated any time soon.  And, spoiler alert: we die at the end.  I do care that the life I am living today aligns with the legacy I want to leave behind, the “what it is all about.”  I think about that all the time.  I imagine you do, too.

Listen, I can’t fix this all for either of us, but I have created some ways to keep true to big goals, and ways to organize all the “things” so that I am moving the needle on that legacy stuff.

You can do it, too.  Doing it with people really helps.  I have some tools I developed, like this weekly tracker sheet which helps me keep track of time.  Maybe it would help you, too.

I also have quotes, cartoons, tricks, tips, resources to kind of keep us motivated and maybe, even, having a little bit of fun.  Back to that dying at the end thing…when you know the worst possible thing is absolutely going to happen, why not lighten up right now, right?  Here you are, alive and with a goal—that is excellent.

Personally, here’s what I am trying to do: work out of my home office, Room B, as a marketing and public relations consultant for several clients, finish a novel (actually two), finish my book on time and productivity (so you can read it!), and, be a great wife, mother, friend, and daughter, I love to cook and have people over for dinner all the time, oh, and now I am launching a blog to talk about time.

I bet you have a similar story, right?  And you look at the hours in a day and when you try to plot it out, you think, what the?  It’s easy to get discouraged because it does feel impossible.

I think we can help each other with this.  Community and advice really helps.  I read all these great books: Seth Godin’s, Linchpin,  The One Think, by Gary Keiler and Jay Papasan, Essentialism, by Greg McKeown, Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky, are a few of my favorites right now, along with Steven Covey and Hyrum Smith’s stuff.  I boil some of that stuff down, combine parts that really work for me so I can close the loop—finish the things that matter.

Closing the loop, finishing the thing.  Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m after.

Nothing about this or me is polished and slick—a perfect thing.  I am not even going for that (as if I could).  I want to have some fun about doing good work, and if that sounds like you, we’re going to have a good time.  There are a lot of very polished packages and resources out there, and if you’re into that, check out Michael Hyatt’s stuff, it’s pretty awesome and there  lots of others, too.

But I am kind of scrappy.  I want to have fun, buy cool office tools (my new favorite is the Midori Traveller’s notebook which works so great for multiple clients or projects, and my Visconti Opera fountain pen with Noodler’s ink, Army green color), learn how to do things, like sketching, building a website, graphic design, video and photography, my husband even helped me build my own desk out of old doors, and make a chalkboard using antique baseboards.  I am not hiring all this stuff out, I’m going to learn it, and I’ll tell you what I do in case you are trying to figure it out, too.  Oh, be forewarned, I love a swear word, and I have little tolerance for people taking themselves too seriously.

While I’ve been working on this site, it strikes me that what I’m trying to do is give you (and me!) a little shortcode to make your life work—you know, write in your goal then presto whammo, you get a piece of shortcode to insert into your life plan that makes something work a little easier.  If you’ve never worked on a website, shortcode is like salvation—it makes something work on your website that you couldn’t have ever figured out!

I’m taking all this great stuff out there, about twenty five years or so of studying philosophy, time, working for organizations, being completely and unapologetically obsessed with office supplies and fine art materials,  and putting it to work.  I’m sharing that.

I’m also committed to making it fun, because there’s way too much stuff that isn’t fun going on around here.

I think you should hang out with me here.