You, Me, & Mystery.

You’re alive–so a moment is in front of you right now.  A choice.  Do you want more of the same?  Something new?  Something mind-blowing?  What’s coming around the bend is a mystery.  Anything can be.

If living in a state of mystery and possibility appeals to you, then you might enjoy what I write about.   Sometimes I share ideas from Earl, the protagonist in my coming-soon novel, Blind Approach Ahead, who is learning about loss, transformation, belief and connection.    Other times I contemplate an any day moment in a new way, or wrestle with productivity, time, systems and tools (fountain pens, Japanese paper, leather books!) we can use to pull off a life that matters to us.

I am dedicated to the mystery of everyday life.  Along with my novel for adults, I am working on stories for young adults.

Even from the vantage point of a pandemic, I truly believe: we can make anything happen in our lives, and in the work that matters most to us–which for me is telling a story.  As 67 year-old Earl Roger Sanford would say, “Well, I’ll be.”


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